I am a mixed media artist with a background in photography. I was raised in Utah, and was married with four children before I decided to pursue a career. At Weber State University, I developed a love for visual art, and worked hard to earn my BFA. I then moved my husband and four children to Brooklyn, NY, for two years to pursue a Master’s degree at Pratt Institute. It was a life-changing experience for our entire family, and for my artistic practice. I graduated and then moved during NYC’s “Pause” in the Summer of 2020. I now make work in my home studio in Davis County, Utah.
Through images of my children and myself, I speak about being a mother. I photograph them with the closeness and affection of one who knows them and is curious about them. Within the gestures and formal elements, I see myself. And I’m often prompted to express my point of view further through digital or physical interventions. I sometimes cut, paint, glue, and sew into the printed photograph. Over the last year, I have been creating artist books, layered photographic objects, and investigating ink, natural dyes, and paper. The repetition in my imagery and processes speak to the recurring tasks, conversations, and frustrations of caring for my four children. Each step allows me to process feelings about motherhood and myself.
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